What to Consider When Choosing a Child Support Lawyer in Atlanta

No matter where you live, selecting a lawyer for your child support case should involve careful consideration and analysis. Parents or guardians in the Atlanta area, specifically, have a multitude of legal experts to choose from, each with their own unique qualities, methods, approaches, and legal backgrounds.

You and your family deserve exceptional representation during your divorce or other child support case. That is why it is vital to weed out the attorneys who are not the right match and find the best firm and lawyer for you.

When narrowing down your selection and deciding who to choose, consider these aspects of the attorney you are weighing:

Past Experience

Experience is crucial to quality representation. Not only is your attorney’s educational background important, but so is their history of working in family law. While every lawyer’s background is unique, here are a few common experience types you can run into:

The Attorney With a Long Legal History but Little Experience in Family Law

Sometimes, attorneys who once worked in one area of law—personal injury or real estate, for instance—will find family law more fulfilling and will change direction to practice as a family law attorney. And many can be successful with the switch. However, a long history in law does not automatically ensure that this attorney will provide you with adequate representation. Take their experience in family law into account when evaluating an attorney with this kind of background.

The Attorney Who Is Fairly New to the Profession

Lawyers undergo years of education and training to pass the bar and begin practicing law. Even so, an attorney who is either brand new to the profession or only has a couple of years of experience will not have a large pool of experience to pull from when it comes to your child support case. If a curve ball gets thrown, will they have the knowledge and experience to navigate it? Consider how new or seasoned your candidates are in the world of law when deciding who to choose.

The Attorney Who Has Served as a Family Lawyer for Years

Has your attorney represented spouses and parents for years, even decades? Family law attorneys with many years of practice under their belts will naturally bring with them a deep well of experience-based knowledge and strategy to your case. When you need solid child-support-focused representation, your best bet is to look for an attorney with a decades-long history of successfully representing spouses in divorce cases or parents who need help establishing child support.

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Frequency of Handling Child Support Cases

Finding a successful, seasoned family law attorney is good. Finding one with adequate experience handling child support cases is ideal. Some family law attorneys can represent you in your child support case, while their true specialty is in cases involving other practice areas like complex property division or spousal support.

Examine how often your attorney takes on cases involving child support. The more frequently they accept clients needing child support representation, the more likely they are to represent you and your family successfully.

Experience in Both Mediation and Litigation

Perhaps you and your spouse have chosen to take a non-litigious path forward in your divorce, or you and the other parent want to decide on child support outside of the courtroom. Or, maybe you know that you and the other party will not come to any agreements and, therefore, need litigation to reach a decision. Either way, you should partner with an attorney who has experience with both.

Sometimes, cases that begin in mediation become contentious and eventually reach litigation, wherein a judge or possibly a jury makes the final decision regarding child support and other issues within your case. Even if you are not afraid that this will happen, you want to partner with an attorney who can handle either possibility.

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