Child Custody

Going through a child custody dispute can be one of the most complex and emotional times you will ever go through. When it comes to reaching a settlement that is best for your family, there is perhaps no more difficult issue to handle than child custody. Both you and your spouse want what is best for the child, which is why it is best to seek the assistance of a divorce lawyer.

Having a lawyer on your side will help you ensure that your child’s best interest is put above all else. As your case progresses, either through an uncontested divorce or time spent in court, your lawyer can work to resolve any custody issues you may have. This can include establishing primary custody, guardianship, visitation and more.

Working with a Child Custody Lawyer

Our experienced and compassionate legal team will discuss the unique aspects of your case, including potential obstacles to work through for child custody. Platt Family Law is passionate about children and making sure that any settlement or agreement is best for the child first and foremost.

Deciding on child custody does not need to be a long, drawn-out and painful process. If possible, both parties can come to a mutual agreement on co-parenting and move forward. If an agreement cannot be found, however, then a judge may decide how to proceed. There are a number of factors that go into this decision.

How Is Child Custody Decided?

In Georgia, child custody will be determined by the court if an agreement cannot be made between the individual parties. The judge will consider various pieces of information presented by your lawyer then issue an order that will set the custody and visitation arrangement.

Some of these factors include which parent cares for the child on a daily basis and parental fitness. If you and your spouse are separated but co-parenting with a plan already, the judge will consider the parenting plan to see if it should continue. The court will also consider the location of the parents’ residences in relation to the child’s school.

In Georgia, both physical and legal custody will be determined during this type of case. The order will be for either joint or sole custody. If the child is at least 14 years of age, he or she will be allowed to give input on which parent they want to have custody.

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