Divorce Mediation

Whether it’s a business partner, quarreling children, or disagreements with aging parents; solving disputes through negotiation is a part of daily life. However, the ability to resolve disputes isn’t always as easy, especially when it comes to family law matters. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Platt Family Law Firm offers comprehensive mediation services to help you solve the most challenging family law matters. Our experienced mediators will work closely with you to offer guidance and assistance toward a unique resolution to the conflict — without court interference. 

What Is Family Law Mediation? 

Mediation is a powerful tool you can use to resolve your family law case. In mediation, the experienced mediator at Platt Family Law Firm will act as a neutral third party to help facilitate settlement discussions. We’ll work to ensure all issues are resolved in the case. The final agreement you create is held privately between you and the other party.

Our experienced mediator is often able to help you explore alternative options you or the other party may not have considered. These options are typically not possible or even made available through courts.

Mediation Grants the Parties More Control

One of the most compelling benefits of mediation is the increased amount of control you’ll have over the final resolution. You and the other party will be directly involved in negotiating your agreement. No settlement can be forced on you. On the other hand, when your family law matter is settled in courts, you have exponentially less control over the outcome. In fact, the judge will decide the case — whether you like it or not. 

Achieve Fast Resolutions

At a time when it can take up to a year to simply schedule a court date, working through a mediator is a speedy way to resolve disputes. This way, you and the other party can get on with your lives. 

More Likely to Preserve the Relationships

Relationships are everything! However, when it comes to family law, divorces, and child custody cases, there is much more at stake. Mediation empowers you to preserve those key relationships with ex-spouses to truly do what’s best for the children. Mediation works by helping you focus on effective communication, instead of being in attack mode. 

Mediation Is the More Convenient and Flexible Option

The process can address legal as well as extra-legal issues. Agreements often include psychological issues and even procedural issues that may not be covered through a court settlement. You can customize your settlement to best meet your unique situation. 

Reduce Costs with Professional Negotiation

In most instances, your costs will be significantly reduced through mediation compared to going through the courts. While resolutions achieved through negotiation can be more cost-efficient, the costs associated with court proceedings can be very unpredictable. 

Contact Platt Family Law Firm for Mediation

At Platt Family Law Firm, our trained mediators are highly-skilled experts in family law mediation. For several years, we’ve helped guide spouses, parents, and other related parties through the mediation process. We pride ourselves in the ability to create a welcoming and conducive environment that helps facilitate productive and straightforward dialogue. 

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