Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one way for couples to divorce in Georgia. The divorce is considered to be uncontested if both parties are in agreement when it comes to each issue. This includes agreeing on the applicable terms of child custody, visitation, child support, property division, alimony, visitation rights, and spousal support.

This type of divorce is preferred by couples that want their marriage to end without getting into a contentious and drawn-out legal fight. By choosing an uncontested divorce, your divorce lawyer can help you file all the necessary paperwork to show that there are no outstanding issues that need to be resolved by the court. This often results in a more affordable and smooth process for all parties.

Working with a Divorce Lawyer

If you feel that an uncontested divorce is right for your family, a divorce lawyer at Platt Family Law can help. In addition to evaluating your unique situation, we offer affordable packages that provide you with all the legal assistance you need. This includes your filing fees, fees associated with any needed court appearance, and fees for document preparation. From the initial consultation until the divorce is finalized, you can rest assured that our award-winning team is working for your every step of the way.

What You Need to Know about Uncontested Divorce

In Georgia, certain documents need to be filed when you are seeking an uncontested divorce. Your divorce lawyer will help you file the following documents:

  • Summons
  • Case Filing Forms
  • Report of Divorce
  • Petition for Divorce
  • Acknowledgment of Service
  • Consent to Hold Hearing 31 Days After Service and Filing
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Child Support Worksheet (if you have children)
  • Parenting Plan (if you have children) 
  • Parenting Class Certificate (if you have children)
  • Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
  • Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce

The team at Platt Family Law has nearly two decades of experience helping clients settle their divorce cases in Georgia. During your initial consultation, your lawyer will answer any questions you have about this process and help you understand the best path forward for your situation. Our passionate and dedicated divorce lawyers are known throughout the region for their attention to detail and responsiveness, which helps your case move smoothly toward a positive resolution.

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Platt Family Law is a full-service family law firm located in Roswell, GA. We proudly serve clients throughout the greater Atlanta area. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with every aspect of your divorce case in Georgia.

Begin with a consultation with a thoughtful divorce lawyer to go over the specifics of your case. This will help you understand the process and determine if an uncontested divorce is right for you. Once you decide to work with Platt Family Law for your case, we will begin the process of compiling the documents that are required.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.