Guardian Ad Litem

When divorce is about to happen, it is common for each spouse to seek out an attorney that will show them how to present themselves to the court in the best possible light. These attorneys are charged with making sure these adults are served well. If the couple has children, however, there are things that are just as important to those kids. It is important for parents to remain as neutral as possible and not encourage a child to take sides. That is why the court often assigns someone more neutral to be a voice for the children. That person is called the Guardian Ad Litem, and in addition to her services as a family law attorney, Rachel Platt of The Platt Family Law Firm serves as Guardian Ad Litem for many children in the Roswell, GA area.

What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem represents the best interests of a child in court proceedings. Rachel Platt, of The Platt Family Law Firm often serves children as a Guardian Ad Litem in order to assure that these children have the voice they deserve. Not every attorney is automatically considered qualified to serve in the role. Ms Platt was required to receive specialized training in order to provide this service.