Modifications of Custody/Visition

Modification Of Child Custody Atlanta Georgia

While a happy two-parent family is ideal for any child, for many families this is not realistic. It is also not always practical to expect the custody/visitation schedule that was originally set up during the divorce process to remain workable for everyone involved. When this happens, it is time to consider a modification of custody or a modification of visitation. At times, it is a complicated process, so it is a good idea to obtain an attorney to help you through the process.

Why Consider Modifications of Custody or a Visitation Arrangement

At times, courts resist the idea of reexamining custody or visitation arrangements because they feel that the requests are not made for the right reasons. For example if there is a disagreement about bedtime or hours of screen time a child is allowed, these alone will likely not be cause for modification. Some common reason divorced couples seek out modifications include

  • Parental Relocation –  If the non-custodial parent is moving either into or out of the area where the custodial parent is living, or if the custodial parent is looking to move further away, it may be necessary to look at the existing schedule in order to find an arrangement that works better for everyone concerned. At the Platt Family Law Firm in Roswell, GA we work hard to help parents maintain strong relationships with their child(ren) regardless of where each parent has to go for their own endeavors. 
  • Non-compliance of an existing visitation schedule – When a court-ordered visitation schedule is consistently ignored, it creates additional animosity between parents, and may create anxiety for a child who is not able to spend time with their parents as expected. In these cases, it is time to go back to the drawing board to determine what modifications of visitation are necessary.
  • Potential Child Endangerment – One of the most powerless feelings one parent can have is that their child is in danger while they are with the other parent. If abuse or neglect is suspected by the other parent, or by anyone that might be living in their household it is important to discuss these concerns with an attorney in order to protect the child in both the immediate and long term future.
  • Modification of the Child’s Best Interests – Sometimes, there isn’t something blatantly wrong on the surface, however, a child’s needs when he is five are not the same as they were at thirteen or fourteen. There may be something about one parent’s parenting style that is more beneficial to an older child, or there might be natural friction between a child and their custodial parent. In Georgia, children are legally allowed to have a voice in their own custody once they reach age 14, and some may want to spend more time with the other parent when they reach that age. 

Getting the Representation You Need as Life Changes

When any modifications of custody or modifications of visitation need to happen, things can start to get tense all over again, just like they did in the original divorce. In addition to custody shifts, recalculation of financial obligations may need to happen as well in order to make things fair for all involved.  At The Platt Family Law Firm in Roswell, GA, our passion for children drives our work, and we can help you consider all factors when suggesting modifications to the court in order to restructure a parenting plan that is better suited to the best interest of the child(ren) and what is going on in both their lives and yours. To learn more about your options and the strategies we use for our modifications of custody and our modifications of visitation contact The Platt Family Law Firm in Roswell, GA at 404-255-3434 to schedule a consultation.