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Platt Family Law was established by accomplished lawyer, Rachel L. Platt. Whether you have been married for six months and have very little marital assets to divide, or have been married for 25 years and are enduring a high asset divorce, attorneys Rachel L. Platt and Kimberly Wise will focus on the specific variables of your case only to relieve the unnecessary burden that accompanies the legal process. Practicing law is a passion at Platt Family Law. This passion is best met with professionalism, integrity and sincere compassion to help you get through what may seem like your darkest days. Our paralegal also has a passion for supporting both the attorneys and the firms clients and is a dedicated member of our family law team.

A successful outcome is only accomplished by focusing on the details that are important to the family involved. Our attorneys focus on educating our clients on their rights and their goals for the future. The more educated you are about your particular options, the better armed you and your family will be to move forward in a positive way. We fully support our clients and become advocates on their behalf, so their rights are protected as individuals and parents. Establishing a customized approach to settling each divorce, alimony, child custody and child support case is the focus of our firm.


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