Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney In Georgia

You’ve worked hard to create the life you live. It only makes sense to protect your interests and the financial future of your family with a prenuptial agreement. While you expect your union to last forever, the fact is many marriages end in divorce. And in the event of a divorce, it’s imperative you’ve laid the groundwork to preserve your quality of life and future.  

A prenuptial agreement is a powerful, legally binding contract that empowers you to decide how debts and assets are divided in a divorce. At Platt Family Law Firm, we’ve helped countless couples in the Greater Atlanta area create comprehensive and satisfying prenuptial agreements. We will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and guide you to the best premarital agreement. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for a consultation. 

Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect You from Debt

Prenuptial agreement or prenups aren’t all about assets. In addition to the assets you’ve accumulated in a marriage, the courts will split any martial liabilities or debt in divorce. If your significant other enters the marriage with a load of student loan debt, credit card debt, or any other type of loan; a prenup will empower you to separate debt and outline how you would like it handled during a divorce. 

Prenups Can Save You Money and Time

One thing is for certain — divorces take time and can be very expensive. Even in the rare instance you and your spouse agree on all issues, you could still be on the hook for thousands of dollars in potential legal fees and court costs — before a judge terminating your marriage. 

Although most couples start divorce proceedings on the same page, it rarely ends this way. As the divorce continues, one party tends to disagree on one or more issues, which can drive up the costs and require more time. However, when you have a properly drafted prenup, you can expedite the divorce process and bring about a quick resolution. 

Communicate More Clearly with a Prenup

Before you get married, a prenup is one of the easiest ways to open a critical line of communication. Although it may seem intimidating or daunting, it’s vital to be honest and open about finances, property, and each party’s expectations. Ideally, this should be done before you say “I do.” Even if there is only a discussion without the drafting of a prenuptial agreement, you can rest easier knowing you’ve communicated and established a clear line of trust in the relationship. 

Preserve Precious Family Heirlooms and Separate Property

Undoubtedly, one of the most contentious times of a divorce is during the division of debts and assets. Most people are idealists and want to believe that “what’s yours is mine and mine is yours.” However, this sentiment rarely ever holds water. In reality, the majority of couples severely disagree on who should get what when it comes to a divorce. 

The judge’s first action is to typically categorize and identify marital vs separate property and divvy it up accordingly. Having a prenup can add a crystal lens of clarity to this process, especially if you entered the marriage with property, family heirlooms, or other assets you may want to keep separate. With a prenup, you’ll have the ability to specify which property belongs to who and how it should be distributed in the event of a divorce. 

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When it comes to prenuptial agreements, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Your prenuptial agreement should be customized to reflect your unique situation and interests. And at Platt Family Law Firm, we take a tailored approach to creating prenuptial agreements designed to protect your interests and your wishes. 

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