Adoption in Georgia

Deciding to add to your family through adoption is exciting for both you and the child. At Platt Family Law, we are passionate about children and committed to ensuring that each adoption case we work on goes as smoothly as possible. When you work with our team, your adoption lawyer will help guide you and your family through the entire process.

Working with a lawyer with experience in adoption cases means that the child’s best interests are put above all else. Rather than going through an adoption agency, a lawyer at Platt Family Law can help you navigate the adoption process in Georgia so that your family can take the next step in your journey together.

How to Choose an Adoption Lawyer

The team at Platt Family Law has experience processing adoption cases in Georgia in which all parties agree on the adoption. As adoptive families and biological parents are not required to go through an agency to finalize an adoption in the state, the process can be completed instead by working with an adoption lawyer. Our experienced lawyers are ready to speak with you about your potential adoption and help you get started.

When working with our family law firm, you can expect to receive exceptional legal advice from professionals who truly care about your case and the well being of the child.

Types of Adoption in Georgia

In Georgia, an adoption can either be uncontested or contested. A contested adoption is one in which one of the biological parents does not agree that the child should be put up for adoption. If you find that this situation applies to you, please contact Platt Family Law today to discuss your case.

An uncontested adoption, on the other hand, is fairly straightforward. This happens when both parties agree to the adoption, and there is no legal dispute. In addition to private adoptions, where a person or family adopts a baby and the biological parents give up their parental rights, family adoptions are also common. Oftentimes grandparents, or another family member, will decide to adopt a child. Other times, a stepparent may want to legally adopt a stepchild. When this is the case, our team will help you complete every step of the process.

Your lawyer will ensure all of the required paperwork is filed with the court. If needed, our team can also help facilitate home visits and complete other requirements that may come up. With nearly two decades of experience assisting clients with their family law cases, our team of dedicated lawyers is committed to helping you and your family move quickly and effortlessly through the adoption.

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