Green Flags that Point to the Best Divorce Attorney in Atlanta

If you are beginning the divorce process in Atlanta, Georgia, exploring your options for legal representation is essential. Not every divorce attorney or firm is suitable for every client. While someone may have extensive experience in cases involving child custody, another may offer more comprehensive knowledge regarding property division.

As you narrow your search for the best divorce attorney in Atlanta, pay attention to these green flags:

Your Atlanta Divorce Attorney Is Communicative

Strong communication between you and your divorce attorney is key. Whether this is your first divorce or not, the process can be lengthy and often confusing. It is vital to stay up to date about your divorce case and be able to reach out to your legal team with questions whenever they arise.

Pay attention to what others say about an attorney’s communication skills. Look for green flags like:

  • Communication as a value of the firm
  • Positive reviews about how the attorney explains processes, stays in touch, and replies promptly

Your Atlanta Divorce Attorney Is Accessible (Within Reason)

Divorce lawyers are extremely busy managing multiple cases. When they are not analyzing evidence, they are often communicating with clients, opposing counsel, judges, and many other individuals. Your attorney cannot always be available at the same time you are, but they should:

  • Have a manageable caseload
  • Offer monitored channels of communication (such as emails and phone calls)
  • Provide timely responses

When evaluating prospective divorce attorneys, get a feel for how accessible they will be during your case. The greater their accessibility, the better.

Your Atlanta Divorce Attorney Is Experienced in Family Law

You want a legal team on your side that is experienced in the practice of family law. Even if an attorney’s educational background is strong, it should be reinforced with lots of hands-on experience in family law mediation or litigation.

Although some divorce cases can seem similar, every proceeding is unique because the people and circumstances involved differ. An attorney with years of experience representing various clients brings to your case a wealth of knowledge regarding evidence gathering, court proceedings, negotiating, and more.

Experienced attorneys can better navigate all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Child custody and other matters
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

Look at all prospective lawyers’ years of experience to help determine which are most experienced in practicing family law.

Your Atlanta Divorce Attorney Specializes in the Details of Your Case

While quality divorce attorneys are well-versed in all areas of family law, many have special focuses or extra knowledge in particular aspects of divorce. Some attorneys are highly experienced in cases involving child custody or child support. Others may have extensive experience in cases involving complex property division or alimony.

Whatever your divorce includes, seek out an attorney who specializes in the details that are particular to your case.

When choosing a divorce attorney with green flags, turn to the team at Platt Family Law in Roswell, GA.

With almost 20 years of experience in family law and divorce proceedings, our attorneys deliver the skills, knowledge, and strength you need to achieve your desired outcomes. We handle cases that range from simple to highly complex and specialize in all areas of divorce, including property division, child support, child custody, alimony, and more. Schedule a consultation with our firm today: 404-255-3434

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