Do I Need a Family Law Attorney for My Child Custody Case?

More often than not, spouses with children will each seek out a divorce attorney who specializes in child custody when looking to end their marriage. However, unmarried parents or those seeking an amicable, uncontested divorce may wonder if hiring a family law attorney is really necessary.

No matter your relationship status with the other parent, having a solid legal team on your side is crucial when establishing child custody. This article examines three significant benefits a family law attorney can bring to your child custody case.

A Family Law Attorney Provides Trusted Guidance

Family court can be a complex beast to tackle, even when you have a legal team by your side. Navigating through a child custody dispute without proper guidance will likely prove challenging and could result in unfair or unbalanced agreements or unsatisfactory court rulings that you were hoping to avoid.

By partnering with an experienced legal team for your child custody dispute, you remove the burden of self-representation and reduce the potential threat of undesirable results. Your lawyer will evaluate the terms of your case and will use all evidence presented to guide you and the team toward desirable outcomes.

Additionally, it can be too easy to get caught up in the emotional stress of negotiations, mediation, or court hearings. Without proper support, it is possible to lose sight of what really matters, which is the health and well-being of your children. As part of quality guidance, the family law attorneys at Platt Family Law will advise you throughout mediation or court with the co-parent, helping help you work toward an agreement that achieves positive outcomes for you and puts your children first.

A Family Law Attorney Creates a Thorough Legal Strategy

As mentioned, family court is complex. Your child custody case requires experience and in-depth knowledge to not only understand the court system but to create a strategy that works toward the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Your family law attorney will utilize their skills and legal knowledge to create a well-planned, thoroughly considered strategy that supports your goals and keeps your children’s best interest at the forefront. If your attorney is deep-rooted in both the practice of family law and the region in which they practice, you may benefit from their ability to strategize based on their knowledge of particular judges’ past rulings or their experience working with or against opposing counsel.

And, should something occur that requires your team to pivot in strategy, your attorney will have the capabilities to adjust as needed to continue pursuing desirable results.

A Family Law Attorney Has the Analytical Forte You Need for Mediation or Court

Critical analysis is crucial when creating a strategy and providing solid representation in negotiations or court. No matter the circumstances surrounding your child custody case, your family law attorney can dissect the evidence presented in order to provide you with solid representation.

Examples of circumstances wherein Platt Family Law can provide exceptional analysis when representing you:

You or the co-parent is moving or has moved.

Moving to another city, state, or country may require a detailed evaluation and a close look at how the move will affect your case. In addition, the logistics surrounding custody and visitation can become challenging to think through. Your attorney can help evaluate all angles of a move, whether you are the one moving or not, and will advise you on how to approach new custody or visitation agreements based on the circumstances.

You have a past that the other team can use against you.

No one is perfect, and it is possible to face a child custody dispute with a skeleton or two in your closet. Whether you have experienced substance abuse in the past, been arrested, or have a conviction on your record, your attorney will analyze your skeletons and use their evaluation to form a defendable argument on your behalf in mediation or court.

Your co-parent has become hostile.

Kid daughter feeling upset while parents fighting at background

Sometimes you and the co-parent can begin your child custody case on favorable terms, but suddenly things can change, causing you to now be the recipient of hostility from the opposing side. In circumstances like this, your attorney will analyze your co-parent’s new terms, requests, or behaviors to strengthen your strategies in negations or litigation.

Even if none of these circumstances apply to your case, your attorney will thoroughly analyze all aspects of your dispute to deliver the best possible representation and reach desirable outcomes for your family.

Your family deserves the best possible outcomes that put your children first. If you need solid representation, turn to the family law attorneys at Platt Family Law.

Our dedicated, all-female law firm advocates for parents and their children and helps families reach successful custody agreements that uphold the children’s best interests. No matter what, we put our clients first. Schedule a consultation with our firm today to discuss the details of your case and find out more about our legal services: 404-255-3434

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