How to Build a Strong Case in a Contested Divorce

Divorce is an emotional process. Many people begin the divorce process with the hope that the marriage can end amicably. The reality is that sometimes the process just doesn’t work that way. At the Platt Law Firm, we have the tools you need to build a strong case in a contested divorce.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

If the only experience you have with divorce is on television or in the movies, you may have a jaded view of the process. Do you automatically think about a knockdown drag-out fight between two people in a courtroom with lawyers shouting at each other? Do you see a judge banging a gavel against the bench? While this scene has certainly been played out, a contested divorce doesn’t always have to be this difficult. Starting the process with a good lawyer on your side will help. It also helps to keep an open mind and start with a solid plan. In the end, you might be surprised how amicable a contested divorce can be.

What Does a Contested Divorce Mean?

Think about all the components of marriage — the union of the couple, the children, the physical assets. During a divorce, each of the parties likely has some idea of how the divorce process will proceed. They have their idea of what will happen to the property, where the kids will live and how long the process will take. When there is a disagreement about how things will be divided, the divorce is contested. This is normal — most divorces start contested. With the help of a lawyer or maybe even a judge, many divorces can develop into an uncontested divorce.

How Does an Attorney Help With a Contested Divorce?

The divorce rate has doubled since 1990. Rather than focusing on the emotional and financial burden associated with a divorce, you should lean on a skilled attorney to help you stay focused on the end product.

It is easy to get caught up in the emotional toll of a divorce. When you express your concerns about your current situation to your attorney, they can diffuse your anger or frustration and present your concerns to the other party in a respectful way. You need to sit down with your attorney and present what you believe to be your ideal outcome in the divorce. In other words, what is the best-case outcome for you? While listening to and understanding your needs, a divorce lawyer can help you determine which compromises to make during the process. A lawyer will also help you to identify issues on which you should not budge.

What type of things should you think about when you talk to your divorce attorney? Here are a few things you should identify before meeting with your attorney:

  • What marital property would you like to keep?
  • Did you receive property/money during the marriage that was not a gift or inheritance?
  • What amount of debt was incurred during the marriage?
  • Do you want your children to live with you?
  • How will your children be supported financially?
  • Do you expect to receive/pay alimony?

If you identify and discuss these items with your attorney at the outset, you can develop a clear plan. Of course, there may be disagreements. When a couple cannot agree, the court makes these decisions for them.

If you choose to get the help of an attorney from The Platt Law Firm in Roswell, GA, it is possible to settle issues before court. We know your rights during negotiations and will communicate with your spouse’s attorney on your behalf. We can also arrange mediation sessions that are designed to facilitate a safe and amicable resolution of issues. More than two-thirds of mediating couples are satisfied with the outcome of the mediation process.

How Does an Attorney Build a Strong Case?

An attorney can help you be prepared and organized throughout the divorce process. At The Platt Law Firm, we have nearly two decades of experience helping clients reach harmonious outcomes in seemingly impossible situations. Leave the process to us while you focus on healing and learning how to navigate your new normal. We will file various legal forms with the court and guide you on the important financial records needed to guide the division of marital assets. If an uncontested resolution becomes impossible, we are prepared to take your case to court.


Getting divorced doesn’t have to be hard. At The Platt Law Firm in Roswell, we know that each of our clients is distinct. We are committed to making sure your individual needs are met throughout the divorce process. To get in touch with the experienced and compassionate lawyers at The Platt Law Firm in Roswell, GA, call 404-255-3434 to schedule a consultation.

Rachel Platt

Rachel Platt

Founding attorney, Rachel Platt, is a highly respected attorney among her peers and clients. Since 2014, Ms. Platt has been selected as a Georgia Super Lawyers in the field of family law. Additionally since 2018, Georgia Super Lawyers named her to the Top 100 Attorneys and to the Top 50 Women Attorneys for the State of Georgia. Previously, Ms. Platt was an honoree on the Georgia Rising Star list in the field of family law from 2010-2013, voted by her peers as one of the best young lawyers in the state. She has also been recognized as one of Georgia’s Legal Elite in 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018 and 2019 in the area of family law by Georgia Trend magazine. Ms. Platt also currently holds a “Superb” rating on Platt has been practicing law for the last 18 years and is currently concentrates her legal practice in the areas of family law and special education law, and as outlined below, she frequently lectures on both topics.

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