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In addition to Ms. Platt’s practice of family and education law, Ms. Platt routinely serves as a Guardian ad litem and as a Certified Mediator.

A Guardian ad litem is appointed by the Court to represent the best interests of children involved in custody actions. Ms. Platt received Guardian ad litem training in Cobb County and has served as a GAL in numerous counties and courts.

Additionally, mediation is a valuable tool that is often utilized to resolve contested cases, most especially in areas of family law. In mediation, a trained mediator serves as a neutral third party to facilitate settlement discussions in an effort to resolve all issues of a particular case. Mediation provides the opportunity for parties to settle their issues and not rely upon a judge or jury to determine the outcome of their case.

Rachel Platt is certified in both General Civil and Domestic Mediation. She is able to apply her skills as an experience family law attorney to benefit parties in mediation. Please contact the The Platt Law Firm to inquire as to Ms. Platt’s rates for mediation or to schedule your mediation session.

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