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Divorce can be an extremely stressful and emotional process, particularly when you are unable to reach an agreement and have to appear in court. When you are going through a divorce here in Georgia, we understand the difficulties inherent in the process, and will consider ways to settle the case that will reduce costs and result in a fair settlement to you.

Over the years, the expert divorce attorneys of Platt Family Law have represented our clients in navigating the legal battles regarding their divorces with their spouses. This experience of working on family law disputes, gives us the edge over other law firms. Our legal team takes the time to understand all the details of each client’s case and forms a strategy to proceed with the right set of actions to achieve favorable results.

As a full service family law firm serving Roswell, GA, Johns Creek, GA, Alpharetta, GA, and across the greater Atlanta area, we provide legal services for a variety of family law matters. No matter how complex or simple your family law dispute is, we have the experience and knowledge to represent you inside and outside the courtroom.

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