Which Documents Do You Need to File an Uncontested Divorce?

Although an uncontested divorce is the simplest route to part ways with your spouse, the circumstances of the transition will dictate how complicated the process can be,. Those seeking a divorce still need to outline asset division, and in the cases involving children still need a parenting plan. To ensure that nothing is left unresolved, […]

What Is the Role of a Mediator When Creating a Child Custody Agreement?

Divorce is never easy or simple. When two people separate the legally binding agreement of marriage, various components are to be navigated between the couple, such as money, real estate, automobiles, pets and living situations. No aspect of divorce is more important than a child custody agreement. The safety and well-being of the children are […]

How to Know If You’re Eligible to Receive Alimony

Going through a divorce has the potential to upend your personal and professional life. Studies from 2018 found that 39% of marriages end in divorce, and the CDC published that 746,971 divorces and annulments occurred in the United States in 2019. The strain of separation and divorce particularly affects those individuals who rely on their […]

Understanding Child Support and Potential Payment Exceptions

Child support is an essential safety net to provide for the well-being of minors. Designed as a way to ensure the contributing financial responsibility from both parents, child support intends to provide for the basic needs of a child up until the age of 18 or until a particular qualifying life event, such as high […]

How to Build a Strong Case in a Contested Divorce

Divorce is an emotional process. Many people begin the divorce process with the hope that the marriage can end amicably. The reality is that sometimes the process just doesn’t work that way. At the Platt Law Firm, we have the tools you need to build a strong case in a contested divorce. Contested vs. Uncontested […]

Do You Automatically Receive Half of All Assets in a Divorce

Do You Automatically Receive Half of All Assets in a Divorce? Divorce has a huge financial impact. With the average cost of divorce being around $13,000, you may be wondering just how big an impact divorce will have on your life. Will you be able to lead the same type of lifestyle you were accustomed […]

The Drawbacks to Representing Yourself in a Divorce

The average cost of a divorce in Georgia is the 8th highest in the United States. Without children, a divorce will cost an estimated $13,500. If children are involved, a divorce in Georgia will average $22,000. A large portion of the cost associated with a divorce can be attributed to attorney’s fees. To get around […]

What Happens When You File For Divorce?

According to the Census Bureau, 14.9 out of every 1,000 marriages ended in divorce in 2019, the lowest divorce rate in 50 years. Despite a declining divorce rate, the fact of the matter remains that divorce is still a reality for some relationships. Most people understand that the result of a divorce is the dissolution […]

10 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Divorce

Things You Should Do to Prepare for Divorce Though the divorce rate in the United States has decreased over the last several years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the current divorce rate is 2.9 per 1,000 population. Whether you are merely contemplating a divorce or have made the difficult decision to […]