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Image: Georgia Divorce Law Attorneys - Platt Family Law, Roswell GAGeorgia Divorce Law

Our attorneys have spent many years working alongside families who are struggling. This experience has led us to treat those with family law issues with knowledge, diligence, and compassion. If you or your loved ones are facing family law issues such as these, we can assist you.


Image: Georgia Child Custody Law Attorneys - Platt Family Law, Roswell GATop Child Custody Attorneys in Roswell, GA

Child custody hearings are often extremely complex and emotionally draining. The Platt Law Firm provides compassionate, rational guidance and representation for parents. We strive to find a custody solution that serves the best interest of the child, while also vigorously defending your interests as a parent. Our attorneys understand child custody law and offer you the strongest possible representation.  


Image: Child Support Lawyers - Platt Family Law, Roswell GAChild Support Solutions in Georgia Divorce

The Platt Law Firm appreciates the importance, for both spouses, of establishing a fair and accurate child support payment schedule. Our family lawyers have a successful track record of providing intelligent and informed representation in matters of child support disputes. Let us leverage this experience for you to produce a child support solution that is in the best interest of your child.


Image: Divorce Decree Modification Lawyers - Platt Family Law, Roswell GAFamily Law Attorneys Help Clients Modify Divorce Decrees

Although having a divorce finalized may seem to be an end of litigation, it may in fact only be a beginning. All too often, spouses either do not uphold their commitments as stated in the divorce decree or settlement agreement or the terms of the divorce judgment become untenable due to changed post-divorce financial circumstances. Additionally, our attorneys have the knowledge and tenacity to hold those individuals who willfully breach their post-divorce commitments accountable in a court of law. 


Image: Family Law Comptempt Lawyers - Platt Family Law, Roswell GARoswell, GA Family Lawyers Handle Contempt Issues

If a spouse has violated the terms of a divorce decree as established by an Georgia court, that individual can be held in contempt of the court’s orders. There are many possible types of violations of divorce decrees. These types of violations can be enforced by a Georgia court, and the consequences range from fines and/or incarceration to the garnishment of a non-paying spouse’s wages. The Platt Law Firm’s attorneys have the knowledge which assists a client in seeking the compensation or the justice he or she deserves.


Image: Georgia Adoption Lawyers - Platt Family Law, Roswell GARoswell Georgia Adoption Attorneys

The decision to adopt a child is an extraordinarily important decision involving a wide range of considerations. The Platt Law Firm has assisted in many adoption cases during its 7 years of service. Our firm possesses the knowledge of the finer points of the adoption process, and we base our counsel on that knowledge. Our family law attorneys take great pride in bringing satisfying results to our clients. Let us provide you with clear, credible and compassionate guidance regarding the legal obstacles involved in adoption.


Image: Georgia Legitimation Lawyers - Platt Family Law, Roswell GAGeorgia Legitimation Attorneys

Parenthood is a serious matter and one that brings with it a host of obligations. Do you have doubts about whether you are actually the biological parent of a child? Or has your paternity been legally questioned? The Platt Law Firm knows that paternity disputes can be contentious and time sensitive. Let our firm leverage our understanding of Georgia’s paternity laws to provide you with clear and straightforward counsel..


Image: Georgia Education Lawyers | Special Education Law, Individualized Education Programs (IEP) - Platt Family Law, Roswell GAFamily Law Attorneys for Georgia Education Issues

If your child qualifies for services under the IDEA, the school district must implement an Individualized Education Program. An IEP is a written plan for each child with a disability, which sets out how the child’s unique special needs will be met. If your child does not have and IEP in place, or if there is an IEP but it is not sufficiently meeting your child’s goals, you may need help having an appropriate IEP developed or advocating for necessary services. Ms. Rachel Platt works as a team with parents and attends IEP meetings, due process hearings, mediations, and disciplinary hearings to help facilitate a resolution.

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